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Tracking the 335i

The tracking journey through pictures

Order was put in June 22, 2012. The long and excruciating wait was well worth it in the end. Here is a preview of what the finished product should look like.

Front Exterior

Back Exterior


The order was put in and I registered at with the order number received from my CA. Here begins the first step in tracking my car from start to finish. Order was in the system, documented and accepted by BMWAG on 7/5/2012. Production  started on 7/22/2012 in Munich, Germany at the Dingolfing Plant and ended on 7/29/2012.

Progress on at a glance

It sat at the port of exit waiting for a ship to carry her across the pond from 7/28/2012 to 8/15/2012. Whew that was a long wait!!

The car arrives at the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) where it will be detailed, checked out and prepped to be transported to the BMW Performance Center.

It arrives at its final destination; at the BMW Performance Delivery Center where it will wait for me to meet her there. Please check out my detailed thread on the delivery experience at the BMW Performance Delivery Center.

The ship that carried her over the pond

The Dover Highway

On 8/15/2012 my car was loaded onto the Dover highway. It set sail at 3:39 PM for the US. Here is its route from start to finish.

Ports of call along the way are: Southampton, Baltimore, Brunswick, and Charleston

Departure: Bremerhaven (Bimmer Heaven) Destination: Charleston, SC

Left Southampton on 8/17/2012 at 3:30 PM.

Tracking from

Tracking from

I lost contact with the ship once it passed the English Channel. Last known location was 8/18/2012. About 7 days later on 8/25/2012 it resurfaced on the map. Let out a sigh of relief as there had been reports of a hurricane “Isaac” which also happened to be close by and could have very well delayed its plan to getting to port on time. What sucks was knowing that my car was closer to me (Philadelphia) when it will anchor at Baltimore after which it will set sail for South Carolina for a Performance Center Delivery.

Arrived at the Port of Baltimore on 8/27/2012 at 5:31 PM.

Arrived at the Port of Brunswick on 8/30/2012

Towards final destination Charleston with ETA 8/31/2012.

The Labor day Holiday coupled with the fact that there were cargo ships ahead of the Dover that needed to be unloaded, forced the Dover Highway to anchor a few miles out at sea just waiting for a dock to become available. Here is what she did while she sat idle and anchored.

So finally on 9/5/2012 she set sail for the port at Charleston.

Finally the Dover Highway has anchored at the port of Charleston. Soon the Bimmer will be on U.S soil. Just 2 more weeks before I go pick her up at the BMW Performance Center Delivery at Spartanburg, SC.

Although it was a long wait, I enjoyed tracking it every step of the way in anticipation. All in all, it took a 21 days to cross the pond to the U.S from its birthplace in Munich, Germany. Please be sure to read Part 3: The PCD Experience  which will be the 3rd and final part of the my Bimmer order experience.